Partner Workouts

Exercising with another person can motivate you and push you to complete your workout. Grab a partner and try these workouts.

Mommy & Me Workouts

Finding time to workout when you are a parent is not easy. Involving your child in the workout is a great way to entertain your baby while taking care of yourself and keeping fit- Win, Win!

*Only try these workouts if you feel you are strong enough to support your baby's weight. The child's safety always comes first. Make sure you have doctors clearance to exercise before attempting any post-natal exercise.

Outdoor Workouts

You can get a workout in anywhere, anytime! Get creative and use what you have around you- weather that's a park bench or a rock you find. 

Group Classes

NME Fitness group classes will push you to your limits. Training in a group setting will help motivate you. Bootcamp style classes, stretching classes and HIIT, we do it all. 

Equipment Workouts

These workouts involve different exercise equipment. BOSU balls, resistance bands, yoga balls, weights & more. 

More Exercise Videos from NME Fitness

Here you'll find full body workouts, stretching videos and anything fitness! 


Always looking for new. fun ideas! Send in suggestions of workouts you'd like to see. Ask and you shall receive. 

Thanks for your suggestion! NME Fitness will try to get that video done ASAP!